10 Step Methodology

1. Assessment: JE Group ensures the company has a reliable and profitable system for producing and delivering a product or service before we approach the government. We conduct a detail assessment of the company’s resource and the government market to ensure the proper resources are available.

2. Registration: JE Group understands almost every government agency requires some form of registration to verify and validate who is conducting business with them. We ensure all registration is complete and meet the federal government requirements.

3. Education: JE Group realizes many vendors have limited success in government contracting because they are unfamiliar of the requirements for success. We understand all levels of federal government contracting training so that we are confidence to interact and properly work with the government.

4. Market Strategy Development: JE Group recognize company’s marketing effort is guided by the demand for the goods or services provided. We ensure that our company has a clear understanding of who is buying their product; how they buy it; and when they buy it by establishing a strategic marketing strategy.

5. Relationship Development: The business of government contracts is built on the quality of interaction among people. People conduct business with those whom they trust and those whom they like. JE Group ensures relationship building in every arena is conducted and executed at its highest level possible.

6. Prospecting: The system for identifying contracting opportunities that we are most likely to win requires identification before it becomes an opportunity. JE Group’s initiative to follow funding and forecast for selected agencies’ opportunities are critical for success in the government market.

7. Proposal Management: Contracts are won by submitting compelling proposals. JE Group’s capability to craft a compelling proposal which convinces the Source Selection Authority (SSA) that a company meets or exceeds the stipulated requirements is a skill that we have mastered.

8. Performance: JE Group executes projects in accordance with contract requirements. We monitor the performance of work to ensure that it proceeds according to the terms of the contract. JE Group use of Program and Project Managements methodologies ensures scope of work is clearly defined and systems are established for controlling and reporting progress.

9. Contract Administration, Compliance and Management: Every company must add a layer of administrative work to existing operation because the reporting requirement of the government. Invoicing, obtaining change order, subcontractor reports, equal opportunity reports, accounting system audits, safety plans and audits, and quality plans and audits – may be administrative contract requirements. JE Group is an expert in this area.

10. Contract Close-out: Close out is not until completion of work and admin requirements. JE Group understands that government contracts have a formal procedure that must be accomplish, one of which is the responsible for de-obligating both the government and vendor from the terms of a contract.