JE Group under its Organization on Demand (OD) Business model has the capabilities to provide services and products to the DoD/Federal Government in many industries through its strategic partnership arrangements. The JE/OD is structured as an entity comprising of multiple companies that have a collective goal to link together and pursue DoD/Federal Government contracts and grant opportunities. The JE/OD consists of selected companies in a variety of industries, located in the United States and abroad who possess the capabilities and the interest to do business with the US DoD and Federal Government under a teaming, joint venture and/or partnership. This OD model allows JE Group to provide services under multiple industries through this partnering arrangement. JE’s services are focused on Contract Administration, Contract Compliance and Contract Management of all contracts awarded to JE Group or to its OD partner. The JE/OD is an exclusive group that is bound by an operating agreement between JE Group and each of the OD Member.

 The JE/OD operates in the following Industries:

Construction Services
Human Resources
Information Technology
Laboratory Services
Logistics Services
Medical Services
Security and Law Enforcement
Professional Services
Products and Supplies