Strategic Alliance Partnerships (Teaming & Joint Ventures) JE Group LLC is the AMBASSADOR Company leading the International Consortium Alliance aka ICA | Afghanistan American Alliance (AAA). JE Group and its ICA support the Contract Management, Contract Compliance and Contract Administrative requirements of any contract awarded to an Afghan Company who has a Strategic Partnership Alliance with JE Group.

Our AAA is an initiative developed to support the need of the Afghan businesses as well as the needs of the federal government. JE Group will continue to increase government contract awareness within the Afghan business community and coordinate with federal government officials to support the transition of American contractors in the region to Afghan contractors.

JE Group ICA will provide a baseline for near term and future growth and economic development in the region. The ICA will also bring forth a framework that cooperatively welcomes existing and new Afghan businesses to take the helm to lead the country towards a NEW Afghanistan.

Our International Consortium Joint Venture is designed to stimulate advancement in the region by encouraging large businesses | PRIME Contractors to work with Afghanistan First and other programs to promote and deploy contract awards. The JE Group mission is to proactively create opportunities in an effort to forge International Joint Ventures alliances as we collectively pursue contracts via a joint venture arrangement. It is our intent to offer JE Group as a Service Disable Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) to promote better solutions for government contracting opportunities to support Afghan Companies.