Welcome to JE Group LLC

Our ultimate goal is to Support the Warfighters and allow our Civilian Employees to focus on their roles and responsibilities in support of a greater Department of Defense and Federal Government. Twenty-three years as a soldier and many of which was time spent as a Government Contracting Officer for the United States Army was not a career that was taken lightly. I understood what it meant to lead from the front and establish relationships with your soldiers where loyalty, duty, respect, service, honor, integrity, and courage were values that I truly lived. I understood the importance of providing exceptional services and getting services, supplies, and equipment to the Warfighters to accomplish their missions. These values still remain today as “JE Group” dedicates its service to support our clients’ goals, objectives and the services that they have to its customers. We stand firm in providing exclusive and direct professional services to the Department of Defense Warfighters and the Civilian Employees of the Federal Government.